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Born in Upstate New York, Christy R. Diachenko
has been a South Carolina resident since 1972. She earned a
Bachelor of Science degree in Radio & Television and has
over 26 years of combined broadcast, voice talent,
and production experience.    
"I was first exposed to the inner workings of radio while
working on a clean-up crew one summer when I was
a teenager", she says. "I was assigned to a radio station
for cleaning duties and the rest is history.
A very kind lady took the time to show me how to run
the control board in the production studio and the station
manager allowed me to practice
when the studio was not in use.
The same lady went to my church and also
taught me to run the sound system there.
The natural next step was to major in Radio & TV
when I moved from high school to college.
Voicing and production have always been so enjoyable for me.
I praise the Lord for giving me these talents and
enabling me to use them for His glory."

Christy has also enjoyed photography since she was a child,
but only during recent years has this talent
come to the forefront.  
"The Lord used photography to help bring healing to my
heart and mind at a time when I
really needed it," she says.
"I continue to be thrilled at the intricate
beauty of God's creation.
From tiny flowers to majestic waterfalls,
the world our Lord has
created leaves me in awe of His wonder and majesty.
My hope is that, through my photographs,
you, too, will see Him.
If you have never asked Jesus Christ to come into your
heart to save you from your sins and to be your Lord,
I encourage you to do so. He will fill the empty void
that each of us has in our life without Him."

Christy is also an author with a heart for
victims of domestic violence.
Her first novel, Broken Promise, was released by
Dancing With Bear Publishing in November 2014.  
Her second novel, Nolle Prosequi, was released in 2016.
She has also had two short stories for
Kindle published by Dancing With Bear Publishing.

If you are in an abusive relationship,
please get to safety immediately. For assistance,
please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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