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Broken Promise

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Broken Promise by Christy Diachenko is a tender yet powerful story of love, loss, abuse, and forgiveness. Mickey is carrying the scars and damaged emotions from her past relationship when she agrees to marry her long time friend, Christopher. Christopher has been in love with Mickey for years and is willing to take a chance that she will love him one day and, if not, she will at least be his in this marriage of convenience. He did not realize how hard it would be to live with the woman he loves and remain just friends. Christopher and Mickey move to Montana and buy a ranch where they can raise horses, Mickey's dream come true, but Mickey has difficulties of her own as she tries to learn to trust and not focus on the pain of the past. In the process, both Mickey and Christopher learn to trust and rely on God daily as they struggle to make this marriage work for both of them.

Christy Diachenko gives us flawed, vulnerable, and damaged characters as they try to make their unconventional marriage work. Christy shows us the long term effects that an abusive relationship can have, and how it can shatter its victims' hopes and dreams if left unhealed. Mickey struggles to trust Christopher and is totally unaware of the wounds that still need to be healed in her life. Wounded and wary, she is having a hard time putting the past behind her and moving forward in her new life. Christy Diachenko addresses domestic abuse as well as animal abuse with intelligence and compassion.

As Christy's well written characters find the way through their difficulties by trusting and relying on their Heavenly Father, they are also willing to reach out to others in need and decide to take in abused animals. A variety of social and spiritual issues are wrapped up neatly in this love story, and Christy Diachenko handles each one with understanding and keen awareness. Beautifully written story, I absolutely loved this book and will recommend it to friends. Well done!

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