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Nolle Prosequi

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Nolle Prosequi by Christy R Diachenko is a powerful story of forgiveness and learning to wait on the Lord. Nolle Prosequi attempts to shine a light on the sometimes taboo subject of domestic abuse and the reality that there is a way out. Amid these harsh realities is a well written love story that demonstrates not only survival, but second chances for happiness. Elizabeth, Lizzy, is a survivor of domestic abuse and the stark terror of that reality is fully realized when, ten years later, she learns that her ex-husband has murdered his second wife. Overcoming the fear that the memories bring and finding true peace and self worth is still a work in progress for Lizzy, but she puts her trust in God, not man. As Lizzy allows God to direct every area of her life, she learns true forgiveness and patience as she waits for God's direction. When Lizzy meets Tucker Bates, she is attracted to him, but she knows that is not enough. Lizzy has learned the hard way and she needs to know what God has to say about it.

Christy R. Diachenko gives us a love story of different dimensions, all wonderful. Lizzy's love and trust relationship with God is her primary focus. Family relationships, friendships, work relationships, beloved pets, and a possible love interest are all beautifully lived out in Christy Diachenko's touching story. Christy allows us to see and feel just a small piece of what abuse does, the lasting effects it leaves behind, and how it affects new relationships. Escaping is not the end for these women, it's the beginning of healing and finding their way back into the lives they either lost or never had. Christy Diachenko's well defined characters and well developed story take us through tragedy and triumph, through forgiveness and healing, and into the peace and freedom that comes from trusting in a faithful God and allowing Him to lead. Christy Diachenko has given us another beautiful story whose characters intersect with characters from her previous novel, Broken Promise.
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