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Terms and Conditions

C. Rose Enterprises, LLC
Terms & Conditions
Yep, you got it - this is "the fine print", so grab your readers and enjoy!
Seriously though, while the following information may seem obvious,  we want everyone to be safe and to
completely understand our policies and how we operate, so we're spelling it all out.
When you purchase products from C. Rose Enterprises, LLC,
you are stating you agree and acknowledge you understand all the information below.
  1. Each product is personally inspected before shipping. I understand that C. Rose Enterprises, LLC does not provide refunds or exchanges once products have been packaged for shipping.
  2. I acknowledge I have read the shipping information provided in the "Store Policies" section of the C. Rose Enterprises Boutique site. I agree I will not hold C. Rose Enterprises, LLC responsible for melted products.
  3. I have read the ingredients listed for the C. Rose Naturals products I wish to order. I will not hold C. Rose Enterprises, LLC responsible for any adverse reaction to any product. (In plain language, you are responsible for what you order. All ingredients are listed on the order page and on the product cards included with each product. If you think you may have an allergy to any product ingredient, please do not take a chance. If you opt to order anyway and use the product, that is your choice, however C. Rose Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for any adverse reaction you may have.)
  4. I understand and acknowledge that C. Rose Naturals products are made and packaged in a pet friendly home.
  5. I understand that C. Rose Naturals vegan products are made with vegan ingredients and that C. Rose Naturals uses all non-GMO ingredients, however I acknowledge that C. Rose Naturals does not have vegan or non-GMO certification nor does C. Rose Naturals or C. Rose Enterprises, LLC make any claim to have such certification.
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