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Our luxurious goat milk and almond milk soaps have been carefully crafted to make your skin say, "Thank you!" after every use. We use the cold process artisan method of soap making in order to preserve all the wonderful benefits of our premium non-GMO oils. Handmade in small batches, we mix a variety of skin loving oils and fats to create a moisturizing, high end bar. Our soaps run an average of 2 to 6 ounces depending on the design and contain no artificial fragrance or color. Pictures are representative. No two handcrafted soaps will be exactly alike. Intended for external use only.

“I have been enjoying the Dandelion and Conifer Medley soaps. I love the clean fragrances with no irritating ingredients. I’ve always had to use soaps without fragrances so having the chance to use lovely scented soaps that are simple and natural has been a real treat. They rinse away leaving no residual film. Just clean and fresh. I highly recommend all the products. The lip balm is awesome, the lotions work beautifully, but the soap is my definite fave.” AML

“That soap is amazing and so beautiful. I have not seen homemade soaps that detailed. And it smells so, so good.” LM
“It smells great and has a great lather. Left my skin feeling very soft & moisturized after a shower.” Allison
“I felt like I was at a spa during my shower. The aromatherapy from the peppermint was relaxing and all of the different oils made my skin feel so smooth and clean. I’m glad that I ordered 5 extra bars! I can’t run out of that soap!” PS
“These soaps make good shampoo as well as body soap. My scalp feels so much better since using this soap! It suds up nicely all the way to the end of the bar.” NC
The ingredients in C. Rose Naturals products have been
carefully researched and specifically selected for their natural benefits.
FDA regulations prohibit us from mentioning
anything that might be considered a drug/medical claim, so we encourage
you to research our ingredients for yourself.
Do not use if allergic to any ingredient. Test in a small area. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor before use.
Nothing in the above narrative intended to constitute any medical claim or medical advice. Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
Research all ingredients before use on children to determine if safe for children.
Almond oil-free products manufactured in the same facility as products containing almond oil. Every precaution is taken to prevent cross-contamination.
Products are made and packaged in a pet friendly home but don't worry - we don't allow the pets to help with the products.
Please note that while our vegan products are made using vegan ingredients and we use non-GMO ingredients in all our products, we do not have vegan or non-GMO certification.
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